Your website is your most important non-contact marketing tool!

How well is it working for you?


The first thing people do after meeting  you or hearing about your business is investigate your website.

So the content and design are fundamental to your customer relations.

What you say and how you say it are the key elements that form the basis of opinion about your business.

Get these right and you will have stolen a march on most of your competition.

Web Authors helps you get them right.

Solutions That Work

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At Web Authors we create content and focus on delivering solutions designed to make your website really work for you.

Generating business for your business is the purpose of your website.

If it doesn’t attract and engage then it is not doing its job …  and the chances are that someone else is doing things better.

The questions that you need to have answers for are:

  • why would someone want to look at your website?
  • why would they stay on it?

and …

  • when they have finished, why would they get in touch with you or come back later?

We specialise in creating the written content, the news and blogs and the social media that will drive more people to see what you have to offer. The objective is to position you and your business as thought leaders in your market.

We have developed strategies and methodologies that  deliver results in terms of visitors,  engagement and search engine optimisation.

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