This is what it’s really all about!

Log on to 10 websites and the chances are that 7 of them have will have out of date news or blogs, or just rely on industry feeds or don’t have any active content at all!

That doesn’t look good … it’s better not have any news or blogs at all … but then it looks like you don’t have anything to say about what your business is up to.

So why does this happen?  Usually it’s like this:

  • it seemed like a great idea to set up a news and blog page;
  • after the initial flurry of enthusiasm it became a bit of a chore to write a regular blog;
  • so the responsibility was passed to someone else in the business … to do alongside their regular job;
  • but the work levels changed … priorities fought with each other … and the blog lost!

Does this sound familiar?

However there are good reasons to have changing content through a news and blog page:

  • It helps keep your website fresh so it maintains the visitors’ interest as well as showing that your business has something to say.
  • It can tie into your direct communications (newsletters and flyers) and social media, substantiating those short statements with some more text and imagery.
  • Content that is relevant, structured effectively and that changes regularly excites the search engines and helps keep your website high in the ratings.

Web Authors will happily provide this service on your behalf.  We’ll turn your words and ideas into concise, readable news and blog items and help you publish them.

There are also good business reasons as well:

  • small businesses can double their sales leads by increasing their blog rate from 4 to 7 posts per month
  • businesses blogging 15 times per month generate 15 times more website traffic than those who blog 4 times or less
  • blogs with images receive 94% more views than plain text blogs.