So what is it you do?

Your website content … text and images … is so important.

If your website hasn’t grabbed the attention of the visitor, or they haven’t got your message in the first 20 seconds or so then they’ll probably be off to someone else’s website.

There is a science in getting the right mix of text and imagery … it’s based on tone, rhythm and a bit of emotion … authors and screen writers use it all the time.

And it can be applied to your website to make your visitors want stay with you … and it needs to be regularly refreshed to keep it relevant and interesting.

We can provide you with a free assessment of your website with constructive criticism of what, if anything, could be improved.  We’ll talk it through with you and then provide you with a proposal and timescales for making the changes.

We can work with your own web developers or we can implement the changes through your Content Management System interface.

Changing content can seem like an arduous chore but we make it easy.

Also, if you’re just embarking the development of a new website, we’ll be delighted to work alongside your website designer to deliver the initial content.