How do you keep your web presence engaging, informative and profitable? 

How do you maintain your investment in your company’s website?

Let’s face it … you’ve got a business to run and probably can’t afford a fully staffed PR department!

A website is a little like getting a new car … when it’s first delivered it’s garaged every night, washed by hand every weekend and lavished with care and attention.

After a few months it’s just another tool that, while indispensable, stands on the drive overnight and if it gets washed … it’s down at the local drive through.

Your website is no different … have you really got the time … and the inclination … to be regularly writing new material for your website?  Or have you delegated the task to someone else … who also has an existing role to fulfil?

The fact remains that websites with old and stale content do not go down well with the visitors and they’re almost certainly going to be looking elsewhere.

We have a little mantra about communications “image is vital but content is king”.

Our role is to help you meet the challenge by creating content for you that makes your web presence engaging, informative and profitable … proactively managing your website and engaging with you to help you think about what you want to say, talk about your news, achievements, activities, passions and your industry.

We also make sure that your website is accessible to everybody who uses the internet independently of technology.

Smart Phone

Users who access the internet on their smart phone

Users who access the internet on tablets

Users who access the internet on Laptops
Desk Top

Users who access the internet on desk computers
Web Authors give you the opportunity to properly represent your business and get the most out of your investment in what is probably the most important communication medium of this era … your website.