It’s a funny thing but if you are not aware that you could do something better, then, from your perspective there is no perceived cost to carrying on doing the same old thing in the same old way.

Once you have been made aware that there is a solution or service which enables you to operate more efficiently or save you money, then from that point on the cost of doing nothing has a direct, tangible and avoidable impact on your business.   You are missing out a positive cost benefit!

Every hour, day, week and month which goes by without you acting on the information you have just acquired increases the cost of the lost opportunity; the opportunity to earn more money, gain more customers, communicate Procrastination 2better or just make your life easier.

Now of course there are changes and developments that are complicated, that have a long Return on Investment (ROI) and that can have a massive impact on operations and business processes.  These do require a significant level of analysis and risk assessment before any decision can be made about taking them forward.  There are also others where the marginal gains are not worth the time and effort that will be needed to implement them.  But there are plenty of others that will have an immediate and positive impact on your business and the way that you are able to focus your efforts.

The key to grasping and using these opportunities is in your confidence to ‘think outside of the box’, identify what your skills are and what you spend more time and effort on than you should.  Once you have balanced the cost model in your head and can see a short term ROI (Ideally immediate) then, with suitable caveats in the contracts, why not go for it?

Every hour you don’t could cost you money!